The his­to­ry of the TUR­KU­AZ GRO­UP OF COM­PA­NI­ES go­es back to 1992 when the TUR­KU­AZ COM­PA­NY was es­tabli­shed in Is­tanbul (Tur­key) with a ma­jor fo­cus in the tra­de ope­rati­ons in the co­unt­ri­es of Cent­ral Asia. «Tur­ku­az In­terna­ti­onal Tra­de Com­pa­ny» be­came the first rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the GRO­UP in Ka­zakh­stan (Al­ma­ty). This firm be­came the ba­sis for the la­unch of GRO­UP of­fi­ces in ot­her re­gi­ons of Ka­zakh­stan, as well as in Kyr­gyzs­tan, Uz­be­kis­tan and Ta­jikis­tan. In 1998 the he­ad of­fi­ce of the GRO­UP mo­ved from Is­tanbul to Al­ma­ty.

To­day, the TUR­KU­AZ GRO­UP con­sists of 14 com­pa­ni­es and 22 re­gi­onal of­fi­ces with a to­tal num­ber of emp­lo­yees over 2100 pe­op­le. The of­fi­ces and wa­reho­uses of the GRO­UP are lo­cated in Tur­key, Ka­zakh­stan, Kyr­gyzs­tan, Uz­be­kis­tan and Ta­jikis­tan. In Ka­zakh­stan the GRO­UP is rep­re­sen­ted by a he­ad of­fi­ce in Al­ma­ty and branc­hes in the ci­ti­es of Ust-Ka­meno­gorsk, As­ta­na, Ta­raz, Ka­ragan­da, Koks­he­tau, Ak­to­be, Zhez­kazgan, Shym­kent, Uralsk, Kos­ta­nai, Se­mipa­latinsk, Pav­lo­dar, Tal­dy­kor­gan, Aty­rau, Ky­zylor­da, Pet­ro­pav­lovsk and Ak­tau. The GRO­UP al­so has of­fi­ces in Bish­kek and Osh (Kyr­gyzs­tan), Tash­kent (Uz­be­kis­tan), Du­shan­be and Hod­jent (Ta­jikis­tan).